DIY Pouffe Inspiration - Top Eight Picks

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Okay, so decorating my son's room is something I still haven't got around to. It's still the room I am most unsure of. I want cutesy childlike furniture but I want it to last until he's much older. Saying that, I was browsing through Pinterest and came across DIY Pouffes. Now, I love pouffe's. They can make any room look cozy just by laying on the floor. Because of that, I've decided, I'm going to make a Pouffe for his room! I just love making and the best part is, you can pretty much make it look how you want, I mean talking in terms of colour choices, fabrics and textures. Another DIY for you guys?!

Back on that Pinterest note, so I was browsing through Pinterest and came across a load of pouffe DIY's. I thought I'd choose my favourites and make a post for you guys. I'm going to choose one from this list and attempt to make it.

Here goes Number 1: This knitted pouffe is just gorgeous and my favourite colour, grey. I already have a knitted pouffe in my house but if I didn't this would most likely be a pick!

Number 2: Log Slice Pouffe. I absolutely adore this one! So easy to make and would be a perfect little reading seat for my son. I can just imagine going crazy with choosing fabric's and colour's for this one.

Number 3: This Moroccan tiles pouffe is just gorgeous! The embroidery is beautiful and would give an exciting Mediterranean feel to my son's room. Hmm, sounds like an option!

Number 4: This Square cube shaped pouffe's are just amazing. I can really imagine the masculine look my son's room would have with these in it! I really like the colours and prints that have been chosen.

Number 5: I absolutely adore these pouffes! How chic do they make the room below look?! It's just given that perfect amount of Mediterranean feel to the room but also made the neutral colours work well.

Number 6: These are cube shaped minimalist, Moroccan, natural leather pouffes. I love that minimalist feel they give off. The nude is just gorgeous and can see it working in any room without taking up too much attention. They look cosy and I just want to jump on them!

Number 7: So next up are these leather Moroccan Pouffes in monochrome colours. I love the monochrome as it definitely is something I'm looking for in my son's room. They're so gorgeous I'm not sure if attempting to make them will work because I'd get so annoyed if it went wrong (sighs). Maybe I'll just buy some!?

Number 8: Last but not least, this bucket Ottoman. The perfect footstool with the perfect Aztec print mono-chroming gorgeously. It would make such a cute seat for my son. I just can't decide!

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