Child Room Inspiration - Jessica Alba Kid's Room

Friday, 8 January 2016

Children's room inspiration, I've seen so many different styles and it's somehow become mind boggling trying to decide what to go for in my son's room. Decorating his room has probably been the toughest for me so far because I'm just so unsure of what kind of decor to go for. I kind of want something that is quite childlike but will work until he's a little older. Too childish isn't really much of an option. Of all of the room's I've seen though, by far, these room's are definitely the best and a source of inspiration for decorating my son's room: Jessica Alba's kid's rooms.

I guess the truth is, I want the room to be useful for my son, a safe place for him to play but the colour's and furnishing's to still look good. If that makes any sense. For these room's, from the colour's that have been chosen, to the prints and furnishings, they all go well together. I also love how the room's are quite unisex, so it will work for a girl or boy.

I don't know how old Jessica Alba's kid's are, but I love how she has these childlike elements in this room. This works even for teenagers, some may even love this look up until they're adults. The hearts and the stars and the cute little pillows, even I'm still into!

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