Lulu & Nat

Friday, 21 April 2017

Lulu and Nat

Interior-shop-hopping seems to have become a "thing" for me and my sister. Whenever we get together and go out, we always end up finding a cute little interior shop, whether it's one we have seen before or a new one that has popped up

Well, wherever or whenever it is, we have to make sure we have our cameras ready. Taking pictures of places we find cute or interesting is something we always end up doing.

So for this post, I want to show you a new pop-up shop in Goldbourne Road called Lulu & Nat. (Let me just quickly describe for you the moment we first laid our eyes on this shop). As we walked past, our eyes caught a glimpse of the interior through the shop window and we were pulled in like a magnet. And it was hard to pull away from so we gave into our temptations and surrendered. We just had to go inside!

Once inside, we ended up staying for a bit, after getting into a discussion with the owner of the shop. The shop will only be open for April as it is a pop-up shop (so if you live in London, head over to Goldbourne Road to see Lulu And Nat).

Lulu & Nat is a homeware store which sells accessories and furniture for your home. What I love about this shop, in particular, is that their inspiration comes from India. It all began for them 10 years ago in India. If you look closely at their collections you'll see the printed textiles and the bold colours they use really show where their inspiration stemmed from.

Lulu and Nat pop up shopTheir homeware products range from cushions, and furniture to kids clothes. I love the mix of modern and traditional they have gone for. From the embroidered cushions and wall hangings to the woven stools mixed in with the modern interior, everything just works. I guess it's also because of the age we live in now, there are so many different cultures living in one place, it's impossible to not want to explore what another culture has to offer. It's just perfect, especially if you're looking to bring a bit of character and colour to your interior. 

Lulu and Nat stuffed toys

What drew me into the shop was the children's decor. I have slowly been in the process of decorating my son's room lately so I have ended up looking for children's decor everywhere I go. 

As much as there are really bold colours and prints in their shop, I feel like it's also quite subtle. This really drew me in as I am quite huge with sticking to subtle colours. The fact that they were able to make it bold yet subtle has even made me rethink the direction I am going with my son's room. I feel like I now need to bring some more bold textures in to create character.

The little prints on the cushions and kids bedding were just so cute. I loved the little animal prints especially the elephants and tigers! I really enjoyed being in the shop and was quite excited to find out about their online store. So even if you're not able to catch the shop while it's open, head over to the Lulu And Nat website here>>> LuluAndNat

For now, here are a few of the products they had at their store! Enjoy. 

lulu and nat cushions, starry cushions

woven stool

lulu and nat childrens wardrobe

lulu and nat

luluand nat

lulu and nat

lulu and nat basket

lulu and nat shop shelves

lulu and nat pop up shop

lulu and nat pillow cases

lulu and nat furniture

lulu and nat kids interior

lulu and nat toddler bed


  1. Each piece is incredible!!! The kids clothes and pillows are too cute!

  2. Ahhh I am dreaming of visiting this place, it's so beautiful and quirky! How gorgeous are those patterns? You have captured everything so beautifully! Interior shop hopping sounds the most amazing hobby! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Elizabeth, oh if you get a chance, do visit it! I agree, all of the patterns are so beautiful. And thank you for the lovely compliment :)

  3. Those mirrors are looking that table too....awesome place to shop...

    1. It is right! I just want to buy everything!

  4. This is so cute!!! I love places like this <3 #IWANTEVERYTHING ( and

  5. Very nice photos love the lines and color, nice article as well thanks for sharing

  6. My favourite colours! these are all so lovely, the basket are too cute as well :-)

  7. Very cute stuff and the colors are just so warm...

  8. Pastels are really lovely!!! My kind of decor...

  9. The childrens pillows and other decor is AMAZING! Omg, I am kinda glad I wasn't there I would probably have spent alot of money. Out of curiosity what did you end up buying? Was it expensive?

  10. I love these kind of stores as you find some amazingly unique pieces! The pillows are too cute!