Winter Wonderland

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Now I know what you're thinking- Christmas is over. You've probably had your annual dose of festivities already. There's the over-the-top cheesy Christmas movies, seizure-inducing Christmas lights and everything else that comes with this time of year. Well I don't celebrate Christmas anyway. Nonetheless, when I heard about the Winter Wonderland that opened in Hyde Park I couldn't help but go. Even the biggest Scrooge can't deny the wonder that winter wields. I've also felt that there is something quite mesmerizing about the coldest season of the year (in theory anyway). 

3 Easy Steps on how to Decorate your Shelf!

Thursday, 24 December 2015

In a previous post (the one on the Vittsjo Ikea Hack) I showed you guys how I spray painted the Vittsjo gold to suit my decor. Well this post is going to be about how to decorate it. It doesn't have to be a Vittsjo you decorate, it can be any kind of shelf you want to just jazz up a bit. So here are a few steps you can take. Bear in mind that the colours you choose should also go with the theme of the rest of you room. Here are a few simple ideas.

Say hello to Thalatha

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Okay girls, so Thalatha is the latest addition to the Barakah collection. As all the other new pieces from the collection the abayas are named after Arabic numbers. Thalatha meaning 3. 

The Perfect Throw?

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Okay so I guess I'm being a little obsessive by looking for the perfect throw. And I'm not talking about the types of throws you'd use as a cover, no, I'm talking throws that keep your sofa's nice and clean :D. I guess because I'm a bit of a perfectionist what the throw does for my sofa is a big thing. So, what is the perfect throw? Do we even need throws for our sofas? Why get a Throw? I'll tell you why, I really like my sofa and I want it to last so a throw is probably the best solution. Especially since my one year old son runs around the house with his NOT-SO-CLEAN fingers.

A Trip to Calais... The Jungle

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Sea view from ferry

So I'm sure you've all heard of the refugee problem in France where all of the refugees have fled from their homes looking for a safe country that will take them in. A couple of weeks ago, I took a trip up there arranged by a few friends who really wanted to make a difference including my Husband and Mother-in-law. We took supplies such as food, clothing, tents and warm blankets.

We took a one day trip on a ferry going to Calais. I left my son with my mother who looked after him for the day as I thought taking him with me didn't seem like the best choice. The ferry up to Calais was beautiful. The sun was shining, the sea was calm and the views from Dover to Calais were just exquisite.

Vittsjo Ikea Hack

Monday, 7 December 2015

So buying all the basics for my home I've started to find little boring. Getting onto the decorative pieces are what really excites me. So I purchased the Vittsjo from Ikea. For all those Ikea lovers out there, you will know that it's just a basic tower glass shelf.