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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Okay girls, so Thalatha is the latest addition to the Barakah collection. As all the other new pieces from the collection the abayas are named after Arabic numbers. Thalatha meaning 3. 

This abaya is a beautiful shoulder fitted cape with a very subtle vine leaf lace, hand stitched on one shoulder. The black vine leaf allows you to wear the cape with any dress or outfit underneath; as we all know, black goes with everything! It is floor length but can be worn on pretty much any occasion; on a chic day out with the girls, having brunch or simply going out for coffee. You can even dress it up for a special occasion with an evening dress, a pair of pointy heels and a lovely sparkly clutch.

Each of our abayas are handmade with precision and care. We make made to measure so if there is a particular abaya from our collection you like, we can make it in your size. With this particular abaya, there is a lace detail going down one shoulder. The lace was securely hand stitched down to the particular position to accentuate the shoulder. 

I'll stop blubbering on and let the abaya do the talking for you. In these pictures, Thalatha is pictured with Khamsa. This is also available for you girls to buy. If you go to the shop button on the right, you can shop the collection! Happy shopping ladies. 

Dress it up for evening, or down for daywear.

With a pink balenciaga, because black goes with everything

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