The Perfect Throw?

Sunday, 13 December 2015

Okay so I guess I'm being a little obsessive by looking for the perfect throw. And I'm not talking about the types of throws you'd use as a cover, no, I'm talking throws that keep your sofa's nice and clean :D. I guess because I'm a bit of a perfectionist what the throw does for my sofa is a big thing. So, what is the perfect throw? Do we even need throws for our sofas? Why get a Throw? I'll tell you why, I really like my sofa and I want it to last so a throw is probably the best solution. Especially since my one year old son runs around the house with his NOT-SO-CLEAN fingers.

So I have already bought a couple of different throws for my sofa and both of them while looking good didn't completely fit the job description. 
My first buy: Ikea Gurli Thow
Pros: lovely colour, lovely texture, soft and comfortable to sit on
Cons: Quality was pretty poor, threads came out every time my nail got caught, and it's already got     spotty, size not so great either since my sofas are quite big
Price; Very cheap! Only£5.50

So overall, as much as the colour and texture of the Gurli are quite nice, it won't last too long and most parts of my sofa will still get dirty. Probably should've checked the size before buying. So I've decided to throw it to the side (haha "throw" it to the side, get my joke?) and use it for when we get a bit nippy while watching a movie. With this throw, I guess you get what you pay for.

So my second throw buy is the large Herringbone throw.

Second buy: Herringbone throw (bought from ebay)
Pros: Very large beautifully fit over most of my sofa, thick texture, beautiful subtle zigzag texture   only really seen when upclose.
Cons: Now from my pros, you'd think this was the perfect throw right? WRONG! it completely         ruined the sofa by pretty much shredding all over it. I'm not sure if most people have this problem       with the Herringbone, but I'm thinking it's got something to do with the fabric of my sofa.
Price: £11.99, I guess I'm starting to learn that maybe going up in price gives you a better throw?

*Note, I only bought one of these in case I didn't like it

Overall, I have to admit, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect throw. I probably won't be able to find it but maybe something near perfect? I think my hunt will have to continue onto more expensive throws, I mean sometimes you get what you pay for right? If you guys have any suggestions with which one's work well for you or one great ones you've heard of please do comment below, I'd love to hear your suggestions <3

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh my, picking the right throw is really not easy, I agree Sainab!!! I have the Ikea throw and to be honest I think it is fine for basic use if you do not put too many expectations into it. I use it just to cover up on the sofa if I am a bit cold so I am not using it daily hence it is ok and good at my place (plus I have no longer nails to risk ruining it hahaha). But I am always for a bigger invest in one good and high-quality throw made of natural fibers and feeling supple and comfy to the skin while being long-lasting and worth the money.

  2. Yes exactly, I guess putting too much expectations on it wasn't the best option, but it is still a lovely feel and good as a cover. Will probably be going for a more expensive one next time and knowing it will last long and made of natural fibres is a big plus! I might try making my own throw, will post about it if I do. :)