Vittsjo Ikea Hack

Monday, 7 December 2015

So buying all the basics for my home I've started to find little boring. Getting onto the decorative pieces are what really excites me. So I purchased the Vittsjo from Ikea. For all those Ikea lovers out there, you will know that it's just a basic tower glass shelf.

After not much deliberation, I chose the white one. It goes well with the white theme in my house, but after a few days the truth- that white is a bit boring- came to light.  Rather than add the calmness and tranquility that white brings to life- like soft cotton clouds dancing around a
warm summer sun-it just blended into the background.

Feeling that my plain old white Vittsjo was just simply too mundane, prompted me to investigate how I could spice it up. A burning quest was ignited! Low and behold, with my design detective cap on,  I stumbled upon a priceless gem buried deep within the chest that is our beloved world wide web. A treasure that I am questioning whether I should share with you in fear of devaluing it! What is this golden nugget you ask? I can just feel your restless excitement buzzing! Allow me to change the fabric of your existence forever...

The only thing more incredible than Ikea is....the Ikea hack! For those enlightened fellows that are smirking with glee, the lucky few that are familiar with the ways of the 'Ikea hackers' I want to take this opportunity to applaud your ingenuity and wish to express my intention to enter your fold! To my childlike amazement, I have discovered that indeed there is a way to transform the simple, sleek designs of Ikea into customized creations of artistic magic. Who knew that this was even possible?

How did I manage to transform white Vittsjo? One! No other colour to capture the treasure that such a transformation made to my living room! A quick amazon bought gold spray paint changed the feel that the Vittsjo gave to the room and really brought more sparkle than I thought.

I went for the gold as i have an obsession with gold and living rooms.

So after a day of intense spray painting (by my husband) here it is!

I love, love, love the results, makes the room look much more chic. 

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