The New Home

Monday, 19 October 2015

Hi all, so the last time I made a blog post was over a year ago, clearly I haven't got the hang of making posts yet! But it's been a busy year. I gave birth to my first, a wonderful baby boy. Alhamdulillah!

After having a baby, a bigger living space was needed so we've had to move into a bigger apartment which for me means... new interior! This has got me super excited with buying, decorating and maybe even DIY projects (a little bit like the ones you see on Pinterest). I'm not too sure which direction I'll be going in but hopefully it works.

Starting with the living room seems like the first place to start. Making it look the most extravagant is just a thing I've always believed in. 
So before moving in we went sofa shopping, where better to look than Ikea right? Affordable, nice looking sofas.

I found this grey corner sofa from Ikea and fell in love with the idea of a corner sofa. It was grey which is good as pretty much goes with everything and won't get too dirty quickly especially because I have a baby now!

                                                              And, it was a sofa bed!...

But it "just wasn't comfortable enough" in the words of my husband. But we still loved the idea of the grey corner so we went on the hunt.  It took a while but it was possible.

We found this beautiful light grey corner sofa, it doesn't open up into a bed but it was beautiful, so we couldn't resist and only £700.

 JazakAllah for reading, hope to meet again at my new post :D.


  1. Love this. I love the new sofa it looms absoloutely amazing. Welcome to the house life lool. Xxxx from Ursula

  2. Thank you my dear <3... hahaa trust me i feel very welcomed xxx