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Saturday, 28 June 2014

 Hi everyone, I'm brand new to this whole blogging thing. Not sure how to start this first post but here goes.
Let me just start by introducing myself, I am a young Muslimah, newly wed, Co. owner of a company called Barakah, for those of you who havn't heard of it, it's an abaya company run by my sister (owner of blog SheWasVain) and I, where we make our own abayas collection by collection for you lovely ladies to buy.
I chose the name StepInsideMyHandbag for this blog because it was the easiest way of me saying "step inside my life, if you want to see what I get up to" =].
And since we're on the topic of handbags, I just thought I'd give you guys a preview of a couple of my handbags and what goes on while I take photographs of them. 
Enjoy =}

The first handbag I have chosen to show you guys is one I bought from a shop called Tarb. I am in love with their handbags and this particular bag is one of my favourites.

The pink packaging was super cute
 It also arrived in a protective bag which I still use, very convenitent
 Ta Daahhh, isn't it a beaut?!
 Well inside this handbag there is absolutely nothing because it's brand new, but didn't take me long to fill it up and wear it.
 I had ordered it online and it arrived a day before i jetted off to Abu Dhabi last year, which happened to be Eid so it made a lovely little Eid pressie to myself =}
 Here is a picture of me on the beach in Abu Dhabi rocking the lovely Tarb bag  and boy was i loving it <3

The second and last handbag of the day I will be posting is one of my comfort bags. A bag a wear quite a lot because it fits everything I need, I love the colour (as you read more of my posts you'll grow to understand my obsession with nude) and well it's stylish.

With my nude shoes I think you can see my nude obsession 
These pictures were taken on a day out with my husband to Marble Arch. Sitting near the fountains really cooled us down where I thought it would be perfect to take pictures.
 And a football incase we got bored =}

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