How To Make Your Old Sofa Look New Again!

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

plump up sofa

Okay, so for the past week or so, I've been working on making this sofa look brand new again. I've been meaning to do this for a while now and finally I have the chance. But how I was going to do it had me quite unsure. So whilst searching online to find the easiest and most cost effective ways to get it done, I came across Apartment Therapy's Sofa Solutions on How to Plump up an Old, Saggy Sofa for Under $30 and thought that's it! I read her post and it's such a simple and cheap way to do it. I used her method of using Poly-fil to fill the sofa's up. Read along and I'll show you 5 simple steps I took to plump it up.

saggy sofa

What you'll need:
1. Hollow fibre stuffing (also known as poly-fil) I bought about 10kg, which ended up being quite a lot as there's loads left over from filling 2 sofas.
2. An unpick-er/small scissors (if you don't have an unpick-er)
3. Normal sized Scissors 
4. Thread

saggy sofa new sofa

1. First things first, Poly-fil, I searched online and bought about 10kg of hollow fibre stuffing from amazon for £23.49. Since the sofa's needed some serious filling, running out halfway through wasn't an option. Mind you, I still have loads left which is good because I'll probably use it to fill my own sofa and cushions.


sofa diy

2. Secondly, after unzipping the cushions, I found I had to get through to the inside to fill them up with the poly fil. So with an unpick-er I opened up the thread and got inside. If you don't have an unpick-er handy, you could always use a small pair of scissors. You only really need to unpick a small section, enough for you to stuff and spread the poly-fil.

unpick fabric

3. Once inside, I started filling and filled until it was pretty plump. I left a little maneuvering space for sewing the fabric back up.

inside sofa
The inside looked like this.

4. Once filled, I pinned the fabric back together and hand stitched them back up. I made sure to stitch it quite firmly so it doesn't come undone. Neatness in the stitches doesn't matter too much as it's only going on the inside.

5. Put the covers back on the cushions, repeat the steps for all cushions and seat cushions and place back on the sofa.

pinned fabric

And Voila! Here are the results! Plumper than ever! It's literally made the sofas look brand new again!

plump sofa

plump white sofa

plump sofa

plump white sofa

I filled up two of my mother's sofas and I am just amazed at how it has made the sofa's look brand new!

white sofas

white plump sofa

plump sofa

plump white sofa

Hope my 5 step tutorial helped. If you like the results, why don't you give it a go?

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