7 Steps to a Dinner Party Dining Room

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Step 1: Flowers. Flowers just have a way of making a room look so cosy and very beautiful. The picture above is of Khloe Kardashian's dining room. She has got it spot on with her flowers. This look was for Thanksgiving dinner with her family. So beautiful how the flowers have been set down the middle of the table. The colours of the flowers match both the table and the chairs. Fresh aren't always that cost friendly, so there is that option of buying fake ones and bringing them out every time you have a dinner party. Saves money in the long run. 

Step 2: Coziness. Make your room look cozy. You can do this several ways such as adding candles to the table, putting fur throws on the seats. It's the small touches that give the extra coziness.

Step 3: Sense of smell: Have a candle lit, incense burner or incense sticks. Whichever one you use, make the room smell nice. Nothing better than a beautiful smelling house. It adds to the homey touch you of the room. 

**NOTE: I'm not sure who owns this image- I just stumbled across it and unable to cite where it comes from**

Step 4: Comfortable chairs. With all that sitting your guests will do, you'll want them to be comfortable. The picture above shows these very big almost sofa-like dining chairs. They just seem perfect for a dinner party, but it's not always possible for some of us so just adding seat pads to your dining chairs can do the trick!

Step 5: Vases. Okay so the large vases aren't a necessity, but aren't the ones in the picture above just beautiful! If you have the space on your dining table I'd say go for it! If not, the stick to the small ones for your flowers. You can always put them on the side, just for added glamour in the room.

Step 6: Your best plates and cutlery: Bring out your best plates and cutlery and if it matches your chairs and table, even better! I love how the plates in the picture above are so simple but it looks good because they match the table. If it doesn't you can still make it look amazing, just make sure the plates match each other.

Step 7: Lighting. Have the right kind of lighting in your dining room and it will just set the mood. Whether it's a romantic dinner or just a friendly get-together. Either way with the right lighting can really shape the room.

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