DIY Baby Play Pen

Friday, 22 January 2016

When decorating a room sometimes I want furniture to blend in, and at times I want furniture to stand out. Well this is probably one of those item's I prefer to blend in. I know I have this obsession with matching and by now you all must think I am some crazy OCD matching freak. To be honest the more I write these blog-posts, the more I'm starting to believe it myself. Well, I have this thing with everything in a room having to match in one way or another. So here goes, I transformed my son's play pen white because I felt it would work in our living room more. When I got his play pen it was a brown colour. The colour was nice, I just didn't believe it looked nice with the rest of the room. The only thing I could do was DIY!

Now I know when you have kids, their toys and their bits and bobs can make a beautiful living room look slightly odd with one of their brightly coloured toys or play pens. But I have a solution! And this solution probably works best with wooden items. DIY! Yes DIY it to suit your decor. Simply paint it to the colour of your desire (of course buy non-toxic paint) but make it look just a bit more appealing.

I personally love DIY's. Seeing the before and after and especially when it turns out how you want. I was off into our storage cupboard and found some good old matt white paint. I very simply just started painting. Probably the easiest DIY I have done yet. The play pen needed two layers of white paint because the colour underneath was quite strong. It was a bit tiring painting each bar, but nonetheless definitely worth it.

I absolutely love how it has lightened up the whole room, made it look more spacious but also the way it blends in with the decor so well.

Thanks for reading, I hope it has inspired you for some baby DIY! x

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