5 Great Reasons for why You'll Never Need To Throw Away Your Kallax!

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

For any of you Ikea lovers when you come across the Kallax, you'll know it's one of those timeless pieces of furniture that pretty much every household needs. There's the four by four, two by four or two by two. Whichever you have, It's one of those pieces of furniture you can use as pretty much anything! The fact that it can work in any room as well just adds to it. Ikea have them available in other colours if the white doesn't suit your taste. 

Using the Kallax can always be changed around your home. For example, it can be changed from a bookshelf to a TV stand or visa versa. I'm here to show you why you won't regret purchasing this item! Here are 5 great reasons why you'll never need to get rid!

Number 1: A bookshelf. Okay well this is not exactly rocket science, but it makes a pretty perfect book shelf. The shelves are sturdy and the compartments are large which can fit pretty much any sized book. A great bookshelf.

Number 2: A TV Stand. Now, if you're not content with your Kallax being a bookshelf, why not turn it into a TV stand? I use the two by four as a TV stand and it is just perfect. The several compartments can  be used to stack your TV goods in such as a PlayStation, Sky-box and any other electrical goods you have. By the way If you're not too keen about the way it's all open simply buy inserts with doors or drawers and there we go, a lovely TV cabinet.

Number 3: A Desk. Buy the Kallax desk attachment and voila! You have a Kallax Desk. I also have the Kallax desk inside my home and I absolutely love how tidy it makes the whole room. All of your desk gubbins can just be stacked up inside the bookshelf, leaving you a lovely clean desk space to work on.

Number 4: A Toy Box (or shall I say toy boxes). By getting the Kallax insert boxes, you can hide all of your child's toys neatly away! And I mean neatly, there is so much space inside those boxes I cannot stress it enough.

Number 5: Last but not least (or might I say save the best til last) a kitchen island! Yes! A kitchen island! How cool is that. The great thing is, it's so affordable you literally don't have to worry about splurging. I love this idea, Such a great way to get that little bit more storage you need in your kitchen.

I hope this has changed your mind about chucking away your Kallax! Instead, just change the use of it.

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