A Hidden Gem

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Have you ever come across one of those super-inspiring hidden shops buried in a market somewhere? Well, this post is dedicated to those of you that are nodding right now. If you don't know what I'm talking about check this out...

Don't let the modernization fool you, London is one of those ancient age-old time machines that is just bursting with character. A bit like those Wonka chocolate bars- look's new on the outset but you love it because of the story behind it! One place which is famous for it's hidden gems is the much celebrated, Portobello Market. The shop is located right in the heart of the hustle and bustle. I've always known about this shop in fact, it is one of my favourite shops to wonder into as I take walks down Portobello. I remember first stepping into Sitara, the clutter of all the furniture really drew me in. It felt like walking into Aladdin's Cave, finding out what lovely one-off piece I could find really excited me.

As I took a stroll down Portobello this week, I thought this is definitely a hidden gem I'd like to show you all. The furniture is absolutely divine! It just doesn't feel the same as walking into a modern interior shop, it's almost like you've stepped into the Mediterranian.

Mother of Pearl?! Yes they do sell Mother of Pearl furniture. Most of it was Bone Inlay in different colours. Your classic black and white, grey and white (my favourite) and even pink and white. Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl can tend to look the same, but they differ in their finishing. The Mother of Pearl has more of a shimmery finish while the Bone Inlay is matt and smooth. Whichever you prefer, it will definitely add character to a room. 

Look at these gorgeous Bone Inlay and Mother of Pearl bedside drawers. Having just one of these can transform your whole room.

I am in love with these Mirrors, I'm planning to buy one of these, the carvings and repeated patterns are just gorgeous. 

I knew I'd find a gold lamp in here somewhere!

I fell in love with this chandelier, yes I know it might just look like your typical chandelier, but it's just the clutter of this gorgeous furniture around it. I just had to capture the sparkle in this shot.

They have loads of different types of ceiling lamps and chandeliers. Mostly one-offs so you probably won't find them anywhere else.

If you're ever in Ladbroke Grove and decide to take a stroll down Portobello, this is definitely a shop worth taking a visit into. Such beautiful interior, you're bound to find something you'll love!

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