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Thursday, 27 October 2016

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I'm not sure if a lot of you have heard of Halal Goodies yet by now but if you haven't I suggest you go and check them out! I recently received my Goody Box from them not long ago and I have to admit it's just amazing. Slowly, bit by bit I am unravelling and using every product in the Goody Box and so far what I have used really does live up to the standard!

I received my Goody Box from them this month with a variety of different things included. I can't wait to show you guys what I got and a few of my favourites.

Halal Goodies are known for their quality natural halal products. They handpick all of their products, test them, and make sure they are up to the standard that their customers are looking for. From the name you can obviously guess that their products are all halal which makes it so much easier for a lot of us Muslims when choosing products that we are able to use. We live in a generation now where a lot of us choose products that are kinder to our skin and natural so it doesn't harm us. Knowing that all of the leg work is already done and all we really need to do is buy it saves so much time!

Here's what I received...
The box is quite big and the colour is gorgeous. Thinking of all the products that fit inside though, it had to be quite big. Who doesn't like receiving big gorgeous boxes? It's a massive plus because I have this obsession with keeping beautiful packaging and because it's so big I can actually use it as a storage box.

Halal Goodies

Upon opening, I found there was a cute personalised thank you card, a Sisters Magazine and wall art created by none other than the lovely Ayeina. (By the way, check out their children's gratitude journal, currently my favourite right now!)

Next what caught my eyes was the Amelia Rope chocolate bar. Which I have obviously eaten by now because luxury chocolate doesn't last that long with me. It was the first sea salt chocolate I have ever tasted and let's just say it won't be my last!

Amelia Rope Chocolate

Next, I headed for the Nourish radiance starter collection. I decided to choose the normal skin type as I have combination skin at the moment. Some areas of my face get quite dry while others are slightly oily so I thought the one for normal skin would work best. I haven't tried every product in the collection quite yet but I have used the brightening moisturiser. It's kind of become my regular moisturiser before I apply my makeup. I absolutely love the soft texture it leaves to my skin.

Nourish Purifying Cleanser

Nourish Refreshing Toning Mist

Nourish Rejuvenating Peptide Serum

Nourish Brightening Moisturiser

I absolutely loved the packaging for the honey gift set. The honeycomb stick was such a cute touch! I received three flavours which were ginger honey, cinnamon honey and black seed honey. I cannot wait to start using these. My husband, on the other hand, got stuck in straight away as he is a huge honey fan which says a lot!

Honey and Hive

Honey and Hive

I love this Green Tea Body Butter. Officially my favourite! It's unbelievably rich in moisture, sinks into the skin and lasts for ages. Especially during the winter months when my skin gets really dry so quickly so something that lasts is really important.

Green Tea Body Butter

This Wildheart candle has obviously started being used already. No surprise there. I've been stocking up on my candle collection for winter lately so this is a great addition. It is literally the perfect de-stressing candle with such a calming smell. I can just imagine those frosty cosy nights in with a warm drink with this candle scent!

Wildheart Organics

Okay, so I know I was singing the praises of the Nourish brightening moisturiser but this Rossi face cream is probably the best I have ever used. I would use literally the tiniest amount and I'll instantly feel the significant difference it has made to my skin. So soft, my fingers literally glide across my face! I use this one more as a night cream. I am not surprised at the quality of the product because it is 100% natural.


Another of my favourites from the goodies box has to be this Nourish illuminating face shimmer. I have started to use it as a layer when I highlight my face. It leaves a gorgeous golden glow to your skin. Because it is so rich, you only need the tiniest amount of the product and it really leaves a lovely shimmer. I use a little of my Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter with it. I feel like they really help compliment each other on my face.

Nourish Face Shimmer

I also received this Soap and Skin soap, a sample of All Natural Soap and Nourish Skin Renew which are next on my list for use which I'm looking forward to using!


All Natural Soap

(Disclaimer: all of the opinions in this post are my own from trying and testing the products)

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