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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Ikea Stuva DIY

With baby on the way, I can't help but get into super organization mode and just want to do loads of DIY's. I don't know if it's just a pregnancy thing, but lately I have been on full de-clutter mode meaning I just want out with all of the old and in with the new!

Okay, so for me out with the old and in with the new doesn't actually mean throwing out everything old. To be honest, I have a thing for taking old things and putting a bit of paint on it or re-colouring it to give it a whole new look. One thing I have been working on lately is this Stuva cupboard from Ikea. I love the Stuva collection from Ikea, especially for my son's room. It's safe to use, looks good and can be used however you want. For example you can add or take away shelves or baskets on the inside as you please. Perfect for people like me who are always so indecisive!

Being so indecisive, I have done a DIY on a couple of Stuva cupboards and used them for my son's room. I didn't really want to leave them pink and use them for his room because I have an obsession with matching things sometimes. There wasn't anything pink in his room so there was no point in leaving it this colour. Here's my little painting journey and a quick tutorial for you guys to see. I hope you enjoy and maybe even try it out yourself!

Ikea pink Stuva

 What You'll Need:

  • Furniture Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Newspaper
The paint I chose was a winter grey chalk finish and it was from Amazon. I quite like the matt look, especially in furniture so I specifically went for the chalk finish. I also really like subtle and pastel coloured furniture which is why I went for the winter grey. It almost looks white from some angles but you can see the grey when it's against the white. Most of my son's room is already grey so I thought I'd just carry on with that colour theme. (I'm sure you can guess what my favourite colour is! Not the most adventurous choice!)

Below I have given you guys a really simple 5 step tutorial on how to paint the furniture. You also get to see how my DIY went with the makeover.

Ikea Pink Stuva

Winter Grey Chalk Paint

Winter Grey Chalk Paint

Grey furniture chalk paint

Step 1: Turn the cupboards flat on their back. If it's only the doors you're going to paint, then you can get away with keeping them flat throughout the makeover. If it's the whole cupboard, then you might have to change the side's you lay it down on.

Pink Stuva DIY

Step 2: Get painting! Start your first layer of paint. I painted in only one direction as it would look a little bit messy if the brush strokes went horizontal and then vertical.

Pink Stuva DIY

Step 3: Leave it to dry. It shouldn't take too long, I would say two hours should do the trick. If it still isn't dry, leave it for a bit longer. I left it over night because I didn't have time to start my second layer.

Step 4: Start your second layer of paint. This time making sure all of the underneath colour is completely covered. 

Pink Ikea Stuva DIY

Step 5: Leave it to dry again. Only when it's completely dry, position it into place. And you're done!

Ikea Stuva Cupboard

Here is my finished product. I love the outcome, it's exactly how I wanted it to look. Soft and pastely but still with a boyish edge to it. Have you tried to transform your furniture? I'd love to hear about it and how it went, feel free to comment below. 

Ikea Stuva hack

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