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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Bump to Birthday Pregnancy Journal

I have been super busy lately and also quite tired and not feeling too well all at the same time. Yeah not so great when life gets really busy right. I'm trying to take it one day at a time though. Okay so it's not an illness and I'm not sick. A lot of you probably know by now, or have probably guessed, I'm pregnant!

Yes! That's exactly what I am, pregnant. Earlier this year, my husband and I had the lovely surprise of finding out we're having baby number two. And quite the surprise it was as we took a pregnancy test which came out negative. It wasn't until we took a trip to the doctors that we found out we actually were! It's all very exciting all over again! What's probably the most exciting part is knowing that our son will have someone to play with now. He doesn't quite understand what's going on but I think once he does, him and his new sibling will probably tag team against us! To be honest, I don't mind too much as it will be so much more fun for all of us. And I feel like my son experiencing a new brother or sister will help him learn so many more skills. I'm so excited to see how he'll change and the role he'll take as an older brother.

With my first child, when we found out we were having him, my husband went out and surprised me with a wonderful journal to track the pregnancy and little milestones we came across along the way. It was so lovely because flicking through the book now we remember some of the little obstacles we came across but completely forgot about. It'll be so sweet to be able to go through the book with my kids one day and be able to talk about our experience so they'll understand just a little bit of the joy and excitement we went through.

This time around, we decided in order not to let our second feel left out, we would do the exact same thing and track how the pregnancy and birth go. I mean I find after a while passes by, we tend to forget how everything went with the pregnancy and what exactly happened so this is a cute little way to just have a reminder of how everything happened. I also really look forward to showing them when they grow up!

The pregnancy journal we got is called Bump to Birthday. I haven't shown you guys the one we bought with my first yet but will make a separate post on that pregnancy journal later. They are both really different so would be nice to show you guys.

Pregnancy Journal

What I love about this journal is how it's split up into different times throughout your pregnancy. As you can see in the pictures they have sections for how you find out, the three trimesters and little milestones throughout the whole pregnancy.

Bump to Birthday Second Trimester

Bump To Birthday

Throughout every trimester, you get to take notes on how your weeks went. Little things like your emotions, cravings, what you got up to. I find that really useful, especially with pregnancy brain, I tend to forget what I do all the time! There's even space for pictures so if you're the type of person to take snaps of your bump, you can track it weekly in the book.

Bump to Birthday

What I liked about this journal in particular though was that it lasts up until baby's first birthday. I don't just get to track how the pregnancy went, I also get to add in baby's first's! One of the first's are baby's celebrations. In this book though, it said first Christmas, so I changed it to baby's first Eid as it's not a festival we celebrate. It's still cute though as I'll get to write down the presents and how baby reacted.

Bump to Birthday

Bump to birthday Review

Overall it's a great pregnancy and birth journal especially if you're the type of person who likes to look back on things after a while and see how everything has changed. I think I look forward to comparing how the different pregnancy's went. Hopefully, in the next few posts, I'll show you guys the first pregnancy journal we bought for our son. It was completely different to the one we have now so we'll get to compare them.

Pregnancy Journals

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