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Monday, 24 October 2016

Gold Baskets

Lately, as I wait for this lovely baby of mine to arrive, I have been keeping myself pre-occupied by decorating my son's room. It has taken me ages to get around to doing this and because my head is in baby mode at the moment, it just seems to make sense that I take out my inspiration in his room.

I find when I get inspiration to decorate something, I can't help but buy and DIY things to make it work. Even if I haven't planned to buy a particular thing, if I see it and think it'll look nice, then I end up buying it. In this case, I just took a small shopping trip and ended up in Tiger. If you haven't heard of the shop Tiger, check it out! They're kind of an interior/bits and bobs shop. I love buying accessories for my flat from there. I always end up coming out with something when I go in and the fact that they're cheap is a massive plus!

In this post, I wanted to show you guys a few things I ended up with after going in there recently. Not actually planning to buy anything, I ended up getting some bits for my son's room. Just a few accessories to kind of liven up his room a bit. There were actually a lot more that were in my basket at the shop but I decided to leave them as I didn't have a particular place for them to go. And I really don't like clutter so I didn't want to end up buying them and having them lay around the flat with no particular place to go.

At first, what I bought didn't even seem like it would make such a significant difference to his room. After adding them to his room though, I finally understood the power of accessorizing with interior. I didn't expect it to it really livened up his room and kind of just give it whatever it was missing.

So here goes, my very basic additions. I bought three cloud chalkboard bubbles. These caught my eyes as soon as I walked in. At only £2 each, a serious bargain buy! I've always wanted clouds for my son's room, just didn't know how I would add them. I've thought about painting them onto the walls, buying cloud cages and suspending them from the ceiling or even making cloud pillows. I never got around to finding any I really liked though.

These ones from Tiger though were just perfect. What I love about them the most is that he can interact with them by drawing on them so it's not just for decoration which allows it to also become a learning tool. The boards came with chalk so you don't need to go out and buy them separately. They also came with little double sided stickers attached to the back so they don't move around when they're being drawn on. Perfect right!

Blackboard Clouds

Children's Room Decor

My other purchases were these gold baskets. I love gold. I would buy them for everything in my flat if I could but since I can't, getting my hands on little gold accessories is my other option. I instantly fell in love with these gold baskets. The large one was £6 and the small one was £4. Both very cheap and very useful. They're great for organizing books or just bits and bobs you find lying around that don't really have a place.

I chose to place my son's reading books inside the large one and a little-stuffed toy in the small one. They can really be used for anything though. I want to get some more for the inside of his wardrobe also to organize his clothes.


Ikea Stuva

Ikea Stuva Cupboard

I will keep you all updated with the progression in my son's room. So far I quite like the direction it's going in in terms of decor. Hopefully, it continues that way. :)

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