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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Louis Vuitton Bag

It's starting to get closer to that time of giving birth. As most people probably know, some of us women go into super baby organization, mode meaning we prepare everything we need for the baby before arrival. This includes a few things such as organizing, cleaning and just making sure everything is ready. It also includes preparing a hospital bag which you have to anyway as we don't really know when the baby will decide to come! I'd say most of us end up preparing it at least a month before. Yes, a month sounds a little early right, but I'd say it's a good time to at least start.

Ideally, we'd all like our baby to come right on the due date, especially when you've planned everything for that day. The truth is though it never really works out that way. Some babies decide to come weeks earlier while others decide they're so comfortable they'd rather stay inside for another couple of weeks! Well, whenever you baby decides to arrive, making sure you have your hospital bag ready is a good idea. When that pain starts you don't want to be thinking about packing and what you might need.

It's always nice to leave a good space of time before giving birth to pack your bag so you can literally just grab and go. Although when the pain does begin it's not always just grab and rush to the hospital. Sometimes it can take a while for baby to come, but during that time it's always best to concentrate on relaxing and making sure baby arrives in the calmest and best way possible.

As you can guess from the title, I have already packed my hospital bag. No surprise there considering I am a bit of a serial planner. I plan way in advance just to avoid running around last minute. And because I have so much going on at the moment, I want to make sure everything is in order.

The big question is, what's inside my hospital bag? I guess a good place to start for me was choosing to clothe for the right season. I mean, If you're having a summer baby, there's no point packing a snowsuit is there?! I'm having a winter baby so a snowsuit is kind of necessary.
I'll be packing for me, my birth partner and for the baby so packing what's necessary is so important. Trying not to over pack is key also! Don't want to end up with too many things as you can always get your partner to grab a few stuff if you need more. Hopefully, it will be only a night or two we end up spending at the hospital but there's quite a lot of necessities to take.

Hospital Baby Clothes

I'm taking two bags with me to the hospital, one for me and my birthing partner and one for baby. My changing bag is a Nim Nik bag I bought off Amazon. (Lately Amazon has kind of been my go-to place, especially because of the next day delivery you get with Prime. It's so useful!) The bag was originally £59.99 but I got it on offer for £29.99, always a plus when you spend less right!?

I loved the chevron print on the bag and for me, what better colours to have than grey and white? The bag is really spacious and fits a lot inside. The plus side is it doesn't even look that big. There are loads of extra pockets and compartments both inside and outside the bag making organization super easy.

Nim Nik Changing Bag

Asda baby Clothes

Hospital Bag clothes

As you can see, here are a few basics I'll be taking for baby. Some sleep-suits, bodysuits, hats and nappies. These are just what baby will need after birth. You can get the full list of what you, baby and birth partner will need, just enter your email address at the bottom of the page and you'll receive this tick off checklist of what to take, straight to your email. That way, you can tick it off as you go and won't have to worry about anything you've forgotten.

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