Beauty and the Feast!

Monday, 10 October 2016

Ladies, ladies, ladies. If you're looking for an event to go to this season, to dress up, to have fun, meet some wonderful people and eat amazing food, then look no further because Beauty and the Feast has arrived. The best part about attending this event is that it's for charity.

Having fun but also knowing it's for a good cause, there's no better feeling right? I am super excited! It's happening at the end of November on the 26th at The Waterlily. I have to admit, one of the reasons I love going to these events is being surrounded by the beautiful decor. If you have been to The Waterlily before, you'll know it's one of those venue's that never fail to disappoint when it comes to decorations. Being obsessed with interior, I am really excited to see how they decorate and all of the little cute bits they will add to make it look that little bit more special. Definitely something I am looking forward to.

Another thing is the fact that we get to dress up! That means going all out with our outfits. As a lot of us don't get to do it much, it'll be really nice to just be able to let our hair down and not have to worry about whether we're wearing too much sparkle or not. Unless it's a wedding, these events are the only ones I get to actually dress up at, so that's quite a big thing. From planning what I'm going to wear to the actual night, it's quite exciting.

As well as beautiful decor and getting to dress up, there will be a 3-course dinner, stalls, auctions quiz's and much more to keep us preoccupied. Meaning we probably won't be much waiting around at any moment during the night. I look forward to seeing what else the organizers have in store!

Just to let you all know, early-bird tickets will be over soon! So make sure you get yours ASAP. It's always nice having a bit of a discount on the original price. I'm always one for a bargain (cheeky smile). You can purchase your tickets by calling 0207 377 6759. You can also buy them online here Beauty and the Feast

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