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Monday, 28 November 2016

Jonathan Adler for Fisher Price

Just before giving birth, I went a little DIY crazy in my son's room and went all in decorating. I haven't finished yet, It's only the beginning of decorating his room and after seeing the Jonathan Adler for Fisher Price collection, I fell in love. Adult-like children's furniture. Most of the Inspiration for my son's room will pretty much be based on this collection.

Even after giving birth now, my mind is still on his room and I want to finish it. As well as the fact that I'm hugely inspired right now, I think part of the reason why I haven't procrastinated decorating his room is that I want my first son to feel like he hasn't been forgotten. With the arrival of new baby, the first few days he found it quite hard to accept having to share his mummy. It kind of made me feel a little bad. I know I shouldn't because he'll love his brother but I guess I just want him to still feel appreciated. He seems to love all of the small changes my husband and I have made to his room so far, so I'm hoping the more we decorate, the more he'll love it.

I haven't actually bought anything huge for his room yet since we started decorating. It's really just been DIY's and improving its functionality and decor. I want to buy more pieces for his room and if I do get the chance to get some furniture from the new Fisher Price collection, I will. For now, I am inspired by their furniture, colour schemes and prints and aiming for that type of look.

If you haven't seen the Jonathan Adler for Fisher Price, go check it out! It's absolutely stunning. The furniture in particular really stood out for me. I love the fact that the furniture makes a child's room look child-like but can be used after the child grows up also. This gives you a long lasting relationship with the furniture not needing to throw it out after your child grows out of it.

The furniture collection has this kind of Art Deco look to it. The hexagonal gold shapes on the drawers and beds and the repetition of the shapes on the soft furnishings have an Art Deco type feel. It gives the collection a very prestigious look. A classy kind of children's room. I love how a child can grow with the room rather than grow out of it.

It's basically children's furniture that looks almost like adult furniture but works in a child's room as well. I personally would love to have a chest of drawers from the Fisher Price collection in my own room which says a lot. The collection really goes well with the theme of my flat. If you've seen my previous posts on colours I steer towards when decorating, you'll see a lot of golds, greys and whites. For now, I'll leave you to admire the beauty of the collection.

Jonathan Adler kid's room
Images are from the Fisher Price website 
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