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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Frankie Series

It seems all of my posts lately have been centred around babies and having babies. This post I can safely say isn't all baby related for a change! Although there are bits about comfort after having a child, you can win an amazing Jord Watch at the end! So if you're interested in the watch, there's a lovely giveaway you guys can enter into to get yourselves one of these watches.

So since giving birth, I am all about comfort. Comfortable clothes, comfortable cushions, and even comfortable accessories. Let's be honest, we do want to look good every now and then after we give birth. Especially when we're going out or we have friends and family come over to see baby. Everyone wants to welcome the lovely new addition into the world so when they do come, I feel like I want to look at least the smallest bit presentable. Whether it's just attractive looking trackies or accessories that are lightweight but also look good.

I love how classy this Ebony and Gold Frankie Series watch makes me look when I wear it. Black is a colour I tend to hover towards as it's so easy to accessorise with. Everything usually goes with the colour. I really like the fact that I am only wearing tracksuits and a hoody but all of a sudden my outfit feels like I have put real effort into it just by adding the watch.

Frankie Series Ebony and Gold

Wood Watches

This is why I am pictured with this gorgeous timepiece on my hand while I'm holding my newborn baby. It may look bulky but it is really lightweight I almost forget it's even on my hand! Believe it or not, it's probably the most comfortable watch I have ever worn. Right now comfort is my main goal, so to be comfortable and look good at the same time, sounds like a win-win situation to me.  What's better than a lightweight accessory that looks good especially when you're a Mum. You pretty much carry your baby all day so a heavy watch won't do much justice when it comes to accessorising.

Jord Wood Watches

The watch comes in this beautifully crafted wooden box. I cannot stress how much of a difference it makes when the packaging of an item is well thought out. I have spoken about this with quite a few of my reviews and this one is definitely another product which the packaging really stood out for me. It even has a mini draw on the outside of the box. How cute is that? I used it to store some of my favourite jewellery.

Jord Wood Watch Frankie Series

Wood Watch

The watch face is huge which is what I usually go for in watches but if you prefer a smaller watch face they also have options of those on their website. There are even options for men's watches! If you would like to see more of their women's watches, you can check them out here.  And if you are interested, you can check out their men's range here. All of their watches are hand crafted and made from natural wood.

If you would like to win yourself $75 e-voucher or $20 e-gift card just for entering the giveaway, all you have to do is follow this link and enter your details.

 The contest ends on Sunday 11/12/2016. The $75 voucher will expire on 31/3/2017, and the $20 e-gift cards will expire 31/3/2017

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Luxury Wood Watch

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