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Thursday, 25 August 2016

Our new abayas have officially been released, yay! They are all up on the website now if you would like to purchase any Eid just around the corner and we're having a 15% discount on all abayas! Yes all abayas when you sign up to our newsletter, it's the perfect time for you lovely ladies to stock up on some Barakah abayas.

Okay so let me talk you through our new additions. As many of you ladies might know by now, our abayas are named by the Arabic numbers. This one is called Ithna Ashar. This is a cape in case you're all wondering where our model's lovely arms have disappeared to. A cape with hand stitched pearl and crystal glass rhinestone details on the bottom third. The pearls go all around the back of the cape. Such a subtle and classy addition especially when you're going out and wearing a beautiful dress underneath.

This abaya is called Ahda Ashar. Pleated at the bottom and with the same pearls and crystal glass rhinestones as Ithna Ashar it will definitely make you feel like having a little twirl. The pleats start from the waist and continue until the hem. The gorgeous little sparkly rhinestones on the wrists and down the front will add that little bit of sparkle you need for Eid!

By now I'm sure you can see the common theme in our collection, sparkle! This lovely little number is called Tis'sa. The top half of the abaya, both front and back, is covered in pearls and rhinestones. Another open abaya to add to your collection. With its lovely drapes, this is a classic and never goes out of style.

Our lovely Ashara. If you prefer the more simple shapes, this straight down open style is perfect for an Eid abaya. It has a gold embroidered trimming on the hem and sleeves. Dressed up for a night out with the ladies, or dressed down for daywear, this abaya will definitely make you feel chic when you wear it. 

And lastly, our beloved Thamanya. An abaya with pockets, who wouldn't love an abaya with pockets? With wide sleeves and a thin hem, this abaya will surely make you feel sleek and chic. With star shaped rhinestones are scattered across the bottom front, this definitely one of my favourites.

Prices and more details for all of the abayas are on our website

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