Tuesday, 16 August 2016

You guys must know by now how much I love interior shop hunting and randomly coming across shops I have never seen before. The excitement of walking in to a new shop and "oohing" and "aahhing" all the quirky new ideas and concepts is what I do best. This a post dedicated to a store I found that had recently opened in Notting Hill.

As usual my sister and I were just going about our business and this lovely shop caught our eyes.The green coloured shop was just divine we had to take a step inside. Upon stepping inside, our shoes were complimented with the doormat. Such a cute little touch! I was drawn into the beautiful interior so then and there I decided it was definitely a shop worth sharing with you guys.

There are only two of these shops in London. One in Notting Hill and the other in Battersea, making it a little more special as it isn't common to come across. I particularly loved how quirky and inviting the shop was. I didn't get a chance to see and experience everything there, but I did manage to capture an overall look of it and what to expect.

In the shop, there were mostly sofas. Sofas of every shade and fabric you can dream on. Literally the best pop colours you can imagine. There were most neutral colours with pops of bright oranges, greens and blues. It all worked really well though and pretty much had me rearranging and re-colouring my own living room every time I saw a new one! The decor of every living room area was just gorgeous.

Samples! Who doesn't like samples? A lovely little self-help section of samples. I love how you can choose your own fabrics and colours for the sofas. The sofas are custom made and take about 6-8 weeks to make them. We were informed by the shop assistants that every item is a one off. Everything is made slightly different and uniquely to your preference so you'll never find another of your sofa anywhere else!

Okay so I had lots of little favourite areas in the shop and these ones were definitely some of them. Little play/game areas to pre-occupy your kids. They'll be distracted while you shop! Talk about awesome!

Okay so, another part I kinda loved was the toilet. By the way, it's not for sale! It's actually for customer use. I didn't know that until one of the shop assistants told me. But the tiles were so beautiful I had to take some pictures and show you guys. Apparently the branch in Battersea has the tiles all outside the bathroom as well so you can imagine how amazing it looks.

I love the clouds hanging from the ceiling and is a must that I get some for my son's bedroom. I'm not sure if they were for sale in the store but I fell in love. We're currently in the process of decorating it and I kind of have an obsession with clouds in children's rooms. I was thinking about painting some on the wall for him but after seeing how amazing these ones look in a bedroom, it's definitely something I need.

After we got through all of the shop, we discovered the cinema room! And for my Sister and I it was probably our favourite room. Yes! there were more games to play, freebies and a TV to watch. There were gumball machines, and they were free! We came out of the shop with some sweets which are always a plus.

Probably the coolest interior shop I have stepped into! It was super comfortable and beautiful in terms of interior.

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