OOTD For A Ladies Night Out

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Not long ago, I attended a sisters gala called Celebrate Us. It was a ladies only event so for someone like me, who wears an Abaya, it meant I could wear what I want! The dress code was to dress up so everyone came in dresses and beautiful gowns. (If you'd like to read about how the event went, I recently wrote a post on it which you can read about here.) I couldn't show you guys any pictures of me in my dress on the actual night so I thought I'd make a separate post of my outfit details so you guys can get an idea. Here's a little OOTD of what a wore.

As you already know, I wear a Hijab and Abaya, which means wearing anything revealing at all just doesn't happen. Events like these really excite me because there aren't many where it's just women so being able to let my hair down is lovely. I love dressing up especially when it comes to having the girls over at mine because they get to see a part of how I am other than me in my Abaya. This party was another way of being able to dress up but outside this time.

Let's get straight into it! The dress I wore is a gorgeous nude Grecian style. It's beaded at the top and flows just beautifully. The dress is from an area in London called Finsbury Park, a little area where you can find long beaded dresses like this one. It was bought quite a few years ago but I love how it's such a timeless piece and even several years later, it still works and doesn't feel outdated.

Well of course to get to get to the event, I wore something to cover the revealing parts of the dress. I wore this open Abaya with a gold piping detail. It was just a quick cover up until we got out of the taxi and into the venue. I kept it plain as I wanted more attention to be on the dress rather than what I wore on top. This Abaya is from Dubai, I bought it on my travels there a few years ago.

Originally I wanted to wear a pair of heels to the event but surprisingly I decided not to. I kind of wanted to feel comfortable throughout the night without feeling frustrated at how much my heels would be killing my feet. I wore these pointy black strappy flats from Zara. As much as I felt more comfortable than if I was wearing heels, I'm probably going to wear heels to the next event as I looked a bit short. You know how it is ladies, a little bit of pain...

Celebrate Us will be doing another event next Eid, Eid Ul Adha. Me and the Barakah team will be attending the next one also. If you would like to see our Abayas in life and be able to try them on, come along to the event. My co-partner will also be there, you might recognize her from her blog Twenty Five Stars.

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