6 Ways To Decorate With Fairy Lights

Friday, 23 December 2016


It's the festive season! Pretty little lights are everywhere. I see them outside when I'm walking, suspended on trees, lighting up the outside of houses and all over shopping malls. I love going outside and seeing them decorate the roads making the streets look magical. Considering we don't have many hours of daylight anymore because of winter, it's almost like the lights make up for it.

I don't celebrate Christmas but I love this time of the year because everything is so beautifully decorated. In particular, this year, I couldn't help but notice how pretty fairy lights are. I know they usually light up the streets every year during this time, but this year, I have been particularly attracted to them. I guess with decorating my flat, inspiration for it comes from all sorts of places and this includes the things I see around me every day. With the lights being everywhere I couldn't help but go out and get myself some of the lovely sparkly decorations for my home.

From my previous post, you'll see that I have already used the fairy lights to decorate my son's room. (You can read about it here.) I used them inside a bell jar and it became his night light. It's left such a beautiful starry effect in his room. My love for these little lights instantly grew especially after he loved the effect of them so much. This has given me the idea of using them in other parts of my home.

I kind of just placed them in a few places that needed a bit of sparkle. I've tried not to overdo it so mine aren't as festive looking as what everyone else has right now. I just want my place to look a little bit decorated right now because I've just given birth. I know this is the last thing people think about after they've given birth but I love when my surroundings look pretty. And I'm not sure if it's the same with everyone but after I give birth, I get a lot of people visiting to see our new addition to the family so I kind of want my flat to look a bit attractive for when people come over. Because, any excuse to make my home look more sparkly?!

I'll just talk you guys through a few areas I have decorated. To be honest, the fairy lights probably won't stay in all of these places as they're not so practical because of my son. Saying that, it doesn't mean you guys can't use them in these places! Here are a few ideas of where you can put some fairy lights in your home!

1. Around your sofa. Place some of them around your sofa to light up your living room. Here I have only used one line of fairy lights and it's created such a cozy and pretty look to a plain sofa. Don't use too much around your sofa as you don't want to take away from the cozy feel. Also, I love turning down all the lights and just leaving the fairy lights on which makes them stand out more.

fairylights on sofa

2. Around your pouffe or footstool. Mine, I put near my window and placed the lights around the window and pouffe. I love how it's made my pouffe look magical!

fairy lights on pouffe

3. Around your bed. I absolutely love the way lights look around my bed. I know this is not so practical especially if you want to be in your bed while the lights are on. In that case, place the lights around your headboard rather than on your bed. That way you can still enjoy the beauty of them from underneath your covers!

fairy lights on bed

4. Inside a bell jar. This is a great way to keep them contained instead of wild and all over the place, depending on the effect you're going for. If you're a person who doesn't like them jumbled up around your furniture, maybe go for this option. It also makes a great lamp! I have used this version as a night light for my son's room. It's a lot more practical especially if you have kids around.

fairy lights in bell jar

5. On your furry rug! I love love love, the way it looks on a rug! I mean, be careful not to step on them while walking past, but I feel like this creates the ultimate cozy feel. Especially if it's inside your bedroom.

fairy lights on furry rug

6. On your net curtains. Hang these little lights over your net curtains, and they can be enjoyed both in and outside of your home! Just beautiful.

fairy lights on curtains

I hope you have enjoyed my list of places to put your fairy lights. Just a bit of advice before you go out and buy these. If you want them to go over your furniture and curtains, maybe try to go for LED fairy lights. They're a lot safer to use as they don't heat up as much. Also they're cooler to touch making it much safer to be around.

I bought mine from Amazon and they were the micro LED fairy lights. I bought them in two different colours. One set were a yellow colour. They came in a pack of six and were attached to a waterproof wire. They came with their own batteries making them really useful if you want to suspend them over curtains as the batteries are very small and lightweight. They won't drag down the lights or your curtains.

I bought another pack of two in a cool white light colour. These were really good when it came to placing them over the furniture as it was easy to hide the battery pack.  They needed three AA batteries which didn't come with the lights so you'd have to buy them separately. The good thing about these are the lights are slightly bigger so they light up more brightly.

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