Halal Goodies

Monday, 18 July 2016

A Lovely friend of mine gifted me with a very thoughtful gift this Eid which I absolutely loved. Some Halal Goodies! They came in the post a day before Eid but I obviously waited until Eid day to open it just to make it feel that little bit more special. You can imagine the unwrapping of the gift was full of a lot of excitement as I didn't know exactly what it was that she had bought.

So on the day of Eid, the unwrapping began. The box I was sent contained a personalized Eid card, some chocolate covered dates and a sample size Nourish Argan Skin Renew. The packaging was all gorgeous. I loved the little organza bag the Nourish cream came in and the black lace ribbon tied around the chocolate dates. The box came filled with paper strips which gave it a really cute touch. I love when packaging is well thought of because it makes the unpacking part fun. And I don't know about you but sometimes I end up keeping the packaging because it's so cute.

The Eid card was really cute as it had a little personalized message written inside it from my friend. I really liked the fact that that option is available as it felt like more thought was put into the whole gift.

The Nourish Skin Renew sample was great as it gave me a little insight into the cream. I most probably will end up buying it because of all of the benefits it gives to your skin. It's anti-aging, repairs skin damage, reduces water loss and it's 85% organic. This is always a plus and refreshing to know because some of my daily products have so many chemicals so switching to organic might help with a few issues I'm having with my skin right now.

The chocolate covered dates. Now, if you have a sweet tooth, you'll love these dates! Eight of them came in the packet, four milk chocolate and four white chocolate and they all had nuts inside the dates. They tasted amazing and were just perfect for Eid. Especially because sweet food never goes uneaten on Eid in my household. It was a lovely touch and the perfect gift.

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