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Monday, 11 July 2016

For those of you who don't know, this past month has been the holy month of Ramadan for us Muslims. We refrain from food and water from sunup to sundown for a whole month. At the end of the month is our celebration, Eid, and you can imagine we go all out with food, decorations and celebrations on this special day. I basically wanted to show you guys my Eid decor this year as it's my first Eid where I decorated!

This year is probably the first year I have gone all out with Eid decor at home. We usually go to our parent's houses on Eid day so making huge decorations wasn't always a big thing at ours. This year though, particularly because of my son, I thought it would be lovely to kind of decorate the flat so he also gets excited for Eid. He's at that age now where he can understand things a lot more so making it that little bit more special for him was important for us. (Funny how I chose all girly colours for the decor, well it's still gotta look nice for me as well right? hehee)

Let me talk you through the decorations we decided to put up this year. Here we have a combination of pompoms, balloons and honeycomb balls. They've all been suspended from the ceiling just above the dining table. I used white thread to hang them up with and used sellotape to stick to the ceiling. The honeycombs were probably the easiest to put up because you literally just need to unfold them and attach the thread. The pompoms, although they were my favourite, they were probably the hardest to open up. Unless you handle them very gently, the tissue paper ends up ripping which is a little annoying. They are definitely worth it though!

Places to buy the decorations:

  • Pompoms - Amazon
  • Honeycomb Balls - Sainsburys
  • Balloons - Pound Shop

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