A New Cushion Addition

Thursday, 14 July 2016

A new addition to my cushion collection. This one is really special though because it's my DIY knitted cushion! I always feel a little proud of myself for using something I have made as an addition to my decor. Probably because it's  lovely to know that something I have made is actually usable. And I guess another reason is the fact that you can't get it anywhere else so there's never that question of whether someone else has the exact same thing!

I absolutely love how it has turned out. (If you missed my post on how I made it, check it out here DIY Knitted Cushion). A sparkly little knit on the corner of my sofa. Here's a post showing you guys how I decorated with it. The colours I used, and what I had available to make my new addition feel at home.

Firstly, my colour scheme. I didn't have much of a wide range of colours to choose from anyway so sticking to my guns was probably the best option here. All the colours are quite similar in tone and they match. Here I'd say I've used mostly grey, cream, white and gold. They're probably the colours I tend to steer towards the most when buying accessories. All the colours match in one way or another which I find is quite appealing to look at sometimes. Although mismatched colours work really well sometimes, for me I haven't quite mastered it so keeping it similar is my safety net.

I recently bought this lovely piece of sheepskin which hasn't yet got a particular place in my home yet. I find myself switching where it goes quite a lot. Using it at the end of my sofa next to the knitted cushion seemed like the perfect idea as it seemed to work really well with the other cushions around it.

I was a little skeptical about placing the gold printed cushion next to the knitted one because I thought the colours wouldn't look nice together but I soon found out I was wrong. My original idea was to keep them on opposite ends of the sofa. It seems the closer they were, the better they looked together so that's how I kept it! I guess the fact that the cream cushions lay in between them helped them to look better together.

I hope you have enjoyed my little talk through how I decorated with my DIY knitted cushion, I always love to hear your thoughts!

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