Some Afternoon Tea?

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Serious tea lovers, where are you? I have found the perfect shop for you. If you're one of those people who enjoy a good innovative tea, you will definitely enjoy this post. It might even make you want to take a little trip down to this shop. It's probably the best tea shop you'll ever come across. They don't just sell quality tea, their flavours are endless you're bound to find a special one you've never come across before.

With their very unique idea, T2 are Australia's leading tea shop. I came across it whilst on a little shopping spree with my sister in Westfield. The gorgeous teacups are what pulled us into the shop like two magnets. Upon stepping in we were greeted by several assistants which created such a friendly atmosphere. We became comfortable quite quickly which is when I decided to bring out my little camera and share with you all my experience.  

I'd describe this shop as traditional mixed with modern. They have that traditional idea of the teas, the way they were made and the crockery mixed with a modern taste of innovative flavours. 

The tea's were packaged in some very beautiful ways. It would be such a lovely idea as a gift for a special person. Such a warming gift.

We discovered pretty quickly that they had a tea tasting section. Just genius! My sister and I wondered around the shop whilst tasting teas. I like my tea, but I'm not an everyday drinker so when I tasted these flavours, literally, I could see myself becoming an avid tea drinker.

We were told that one particular tea tasted like Ferrero Rocher by a sales assistant which definitely made us want to taste it. I can't remember the exact name of it, but it really tasted like the actual chocolate!

I am a lover of beautiful tea cups and T2 probably sell every type you can think of, in every colour and style. Some of them were just stunning. Their intricate prints and styles were just beautiful. Perfect for that little tea party with a few guests. You'll definitely be able to wow them.