mini Zara Haul

Saturday 5 March 2016

Zara, pretty much my favourite shop I go to for clothes. Especially when there's a sale! Their sale's are amazing right?! This post isn't a sale haul though, just a haul of a very few selected buys. The basics that we all definitely need!
I picked up three items from Zara, Yes only three. Before, I used to buy loads especially when there was a sale. Then the clothes would literally just end up being decoration for my wardrobe. Lately when it comes to shopping, I tend to buy items I actually need rather than shopping just for the sake of it. Here's a few things I picked up.

First things first, I am obsessed with these pointy strappy flats. Funnily enough, they were the last I bought. A bit of an impulse buy as I was waiting in the Que and they caught my eyes. They are gorgeous and look even better on! They're very flattering on my feet. I find I have quite wide feet, so these shoes made them look very slim and feminine.

(My son thought his feet looked quite lovely next to my shoes as he photo bombed!)

So I know what you're all thinking. Does she even need to buy clothes? Doesn't she wear that long Islamic dress (Abaya)? Yeah I do wear the Abaya, but I do also wear tops and jeans and skirts and dresses when I am at home, or when I meet up with the girls, or invite them over. Basically I only wear the Abaya outside so for all of the rest of the hours of my life I wear everything else. I chose this pretty white top from the sale section. I absolutely adore it. It has one tie in the middle seam and one in the side seam so it ties in a strange way, but none-the-less very flattering. You can tie it at the back for the completely fitted look, or at the front so the back would be loose. I like both, gives it a different look for different occasions. 

Last but not least, the cozy knitted cardigan. This is so warm! As you can see, I have already worn it. I've tried and tested it and definitely got my approval on the warm scale. I wear this both on top of my Abaya when going out and at home for cozy days in. I love the colours they're neutral so they pretty much go with anything.

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