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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

 I don't know about you, but I sometimes get an inspiration block when it comes to styling certain parts of my home. I just don't know which direction to go in in terms of colour choices and accessories to choose. It can be a little confusing as I'll want something that will suit a room's decor but also have a unique presence.

On my regular walks into furniture shops, I came across Graham and Green and it pretty much solved a lot of little inspiration blocks I have been having lately. As I walked into the shop, first thing I noticed was a lot of gold accessories which really drew me in because as we all know, I'm obsessed with gold. With that ticked off the list, I saw how the colours and accessories of the shop really worked well together. One thing I find quite hard is coming out of my colour comfort zone. When I choose a colour I am comfortable with, I tend to just stick to it.  I end up using the colour again and again. Yes, I find colour co-ordination usually works really well when decorating a room but brightly coloured items here and there bring so much character. Seeing a shop that uses a wide range of colour so well really inspired me.

I have Eames dining chairs for my dining area and while they look amazing with the nordic style they bring, sitting on them for too long can be a little uncomfortable. When I saw the long haired fur seat cushion on this chair, it rang so many bells in my head as to what type of seat cushion to buy for my Eames chairs, a fur one!

Here is a great example of how the colour has been used in an amazing way. I have to admit, I am a little bit afraid of 'pop' colours when it comes to styling a room. As I've said before I tend to stick to a colour I'm comfortable with so seeing this fuchsia pink chair against the soft subtle colour of the Mother of Peal drawer had me quite impressed. It definitely had me going home and looking for bright coloured furniture pieces to really spruce up my living room!

Gold glorious gold! Okay so I couldn't help it, coming out of my gold comfort zone, I'm not quite ready for. Just by looking at this picture, I bet you can see why! The gold fruits, leaves and palm trees with a gorgeous aqua blue vase at the back, just lovely! I definitely need to go back to the drawing board with decorating this spring! (Oh and yes that's me in the mirror).

Before I let you go, just have a look a the way these rugs have been beautifully draped over the staircase. I had to take this shot!

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