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Sunday, 26 June 2016

beautiful living room

I love looking inside people's homes just to see what their decor looks like. Call me nosy but who doesn't like to see it! It seems to be a real obsession, especially when it comes to celebrity homes. They have this way of going all out extravagant with their decor because, well they can. I mean, if I was minted I would most likely do the same. 

Having that option of literally being able to design a house however you like seems to always fascinate me. I like to see what kind of taste they have and I find it always tells you quite a lot about the person.

Here is one of my favourite house tours from Architectural Digest. This one is of Khloe Kardashian's House in California. I love her decor and I believe it's mainly because of the Moroccan chic look she's gone for. I have had an obsession with Moroccan interior for a while now so seeing it incorporated with a very chic and classy look is just perfection. 

beautiful garden

beautiful door

beautiful living room

If you look closely you'll see she only has accents of Moroccan accessories giving a very Mediterranean feel to the whole house. For example, she has lovely Mother-of-Pearl side tables or Moroccan lantern style light shades. Such subtle and beautiful additions.

beautiful cinema room

beautiful dressing table

beautiful bathroom

I absolutely adore the way the wall has been carved out. The dome shaped scalloped carving is just a lovely addition to the whole room. A beautiful little reading corner.

beautiful seating

beautiful bedroom
All images are from Architectural Digest 

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  1. Wow this is a very beautiful home thanks for sharing it love the article