Pouffe Plump Up

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

I'm not sure if you guys remember a post I wrote about plumping up your old sofa? Well if you remember in the post I bought a little too much poly-fil and ended up with loads left over. Personally I don't think you can ever have too much poly-fil because I find there's always something at home which needs some extra stuffing up. It's never a bad thing to make anything look more plump! In my case, my pouffe was looking a little sad and needed some filling up to bring it back to life.

As you can see it was in a pretty bad condition. It's definitely overused in my household, my husband and I pretty much always use it as a footstool and my son, well it's like his baby chair. He leans and uses it as a chair. Overusing it definitely has flattened it which gave me the idea of using the left over poly-fil inside it.  It's really simple as the pouffe doesn't need sewing back up after it has been opened. What's even better, as I've mentioned before, is it's super cheap. Poly-fil doesn't cost much at all! My only thing is I'm not sure how long the puffiness will last for, I'll keep you guys posted, hopefully it doesn't become flat again too quickly.

1. All you have to do is open it up.

2. Unzip the zippers on the inside.

3. And get filling! Fill like your life depends on it until you can fill no more!

 And here is the beautiful, plump pouffe, looking gorgeous and full.