DIY Wall Art Finally Complete!

Friday 6 May 2016

It's taken me a while to get this wall art completed but I've finally done it! Yay! I started making it a while back but like usual procrastination got in the way and as a result I have only been able to finish it now.  You can read about the inspiration behind the wall art in a post I made here, Islamic Wall Art-Why Not Make It Myself.

Okay so lets get straight into how I made it. It was made on Photoshop and pretty much the most simple art I have made. The Arabic writing was downloaded off the internet as a brush and just brushed onto the stripy backgrounds. They were quite faint in colour when first brushed on so you have to click it a few times before getting your desired colour. I done the same for both of the wall arts with the Arabic writing. For the middle one with the black background, I just made the background black and wrote what I wanted on it in my desired text. And voila there it was the Photoshop part done. Simple right?

Now, for getting them printed, I used Photobox. The website was pretty straight forward, you choose the image you want to print in the size you want it printed in. They even give you the option of shiny or matt finishes. I opted for the matt, as I have never really preferred the shiny effect. The day of delivery finally came and I was super excited to see the results of the print outs. The richness of the colours of the printouts were just perfect. I loved that the most. All was good until I got to the image with the black background, the white border had a pink stain on it! Also I found their matt wasn't actually matt, it was a kind of grainy shiny finish which was a bit frustrating. All in all, they still looked absolutely gorgeous when printed out so I'm happy :).

In another previous post, That Chic Home Office, I talk about how my home office is looking really plain. I needed something to just fill up the empty wall space because it was beginning to get pretty boring being in. After I made the wall art, I decided that my home office would be the perfect place for it to go. I definitely needed something to look up to every now and then when I'm working. Here's how it's all looking. Bear in mind that I'm still in the process of decorating this area of my home. I do absolutely love the new additions of the wall art!

Thanks for reading! I Hope I have inspired you to make your own wall art!

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