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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

A chic office. To me that just sounds so appealing. Chic to most people means stylish, attractive and fashionable. In my eyes though, it’s also about being comfortable, inspirational and up to date at the same time. Wouldn’t we love to be in an office that inspires us to work? I wouldn’t want to get bored while I’m working, after all I spend most of my home-work life there. I find the better a place looks, the more it makes me want to spend time there and work.
I find, to have that chic home office look, your colour palette is very important. Choosing colours that work well together make it look more attractive. You definitely do not want a mix and match of colours that look odd together. I find neutral colours always help when it comes to trying to make something look chic. Pastel tones are great. One colour in particular that I find works the best is white. Especially if you’re unsure of what colours to put together. White is just a great blank canvas to start with. For accessories opting more for gold and copper such as lamps, and basic desk accessories will make it look stylish. Monochrome colours are great when it comes to prints in soft furnishing like cushions because they work really well with gold or copper and what is chic without a bit of gold or copper?  If you want to know what pieces a chic office can't do without, check out a piece I wrote for Argos.

My home office, I bet you've all wondered how it must look right? Well I'm still working on it. It's something I still haven't got around to making it look exactly how I would like. You can probably guess by now that I'm opting for a chic look when it comes to decorating it. I just haven't had the time to find the perfect items to make it that little bit more chic. 

I'll have to admit, I share the office with my husband and his books take up a lot of space on the attached bookshelf. He's not really a person who cares too much for how it looks, he cares more for what it does for him. This is great for me because I, on the other hand, care a lot about how it looks and I want it to be an inspiring space for me while I work. Meaning I can decorate it pretty much as I please (big smiley face)! My work is always very creative, from the designs I make for my company, to the posts I write for this blog. So for me how it looks is quite important.

Here is how the desk area is looking so far. Pretty plain right?
It's definitely lacking some more accessories and something on the wall!

Although it has that clean empty desk work-space I need, it definitely needs some accessories to brighten it up. I've been looking through the Argos range and here are a few items I believe my desk area is lacking.

  1. A cute gold lamp and clock. I love gold  and the fact that it will bring a bit more chic into my desk area is just a plus. 
  2. You'll see a clear glass fish bowl in the inspiration board. I know what you're thinking, what is she gonna do with that fish bowl? Put some beautiful pink and white peonies of course! I LOVE peonies and they'll definitely make my desk area a place I want to be!
  3. I chose a plain storage box to keep mine and my husband's desk mess inside. Yes, we all have desk mess that we need, but don't necessarily want on display, so some clean white boxes to hide them away in are perfect!
  4. Lastly, from the pictures of my desk, you'll see that the wall is looking pretty plain so I have chosen some wall art to go on the wall. I need something to look up at every now and then instead of a plain old blank wall  and some nice mono-chrome quotes will do just fine.

If you look closely, I kept my colour palette quite basic and I stuck to more monochrome colours with accents of gold. As much as I would love to go crazy with the colours, I also want the area to be a calming zone and not too distracting as I want to concentrate on my work. Argos do a great range of monochrome colours when it comes to office decor so definitely check them out!

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